Gowanus the Up and Coming Food Neighborhood

Having a major food service corporation such as Whole Foods open in Gowanus has helped shine the spotlight in an often overlooked neighborhood in Brooklyn. Located in between two well established neighborhoods, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, Gowanus has been the black sheep of western Brooklyn neighborhoods. With rent and other expenses consistently growing for eateries, there has been an exodus towards Gowanus for the new generation of restauranteurs. In recent years neighborhood staples such as Four Twenty Blackbirds and Littleneck have made quite the name for themselves. Four Twenty Blackbirds is a small artisanal pie shop that sells coffee, pastries, (and of course) pies by the slice. Their salted carmel apple boasts as its best seller, but they offer very unique seasonal flavors such as Strawberry Balsamic that we highly recommend. Littlenecks is a small full service restaurant with a seafood centric menu. For brunch their skilled bartenders prepare one of Brooklyn’s best Bloody Marys garnished with house-made pickles.

Gowanus has been cursed with one of the nation’s most polluted waterways, but that is destined to change over the next few years. Federal funding has finally passed for the clean-up project. This neighborhood offers lower rents for more space which makes it an excellent location for families as well as… oddly enough… hotels. What does this mean? Restaurants in this neighborhood should have a steady flow of customers with such a large market.

The keys are great service and offering a little more room then your competitors. The truth is that space is what families and non-New Yorkers are looking for. The extra square footage also opens up the possiblity for unique concepts such as Royal Palms, which is Brooklyn’s first shuffle board club. From a food service stand point the most unique aspect of Royal Palms is their decision not to have a kitchen. Instead a railing along one side of the indoor space runs along side a driveway. It looks odd, but its use is genius. A different food truck pulls up to the railing every two hours or so. Hog & Rooster expects Gowanus to develop over the next five or so years to become similar to Park Slope now.

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Gowanus the Up and Coming Food Neighborhood
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