Fast Food Industry Labor Strike

Workers at popular quick service restaurants worldwide have worked off the job in demand for higher wages. In the United States the federal minimum wage has been at $7.25 for almost the last five years. Although 26% of the country hold a higher state minimum wage, ranging from $7.50 in Missouri to $10.50 in Vermont. President Obama hopes to increase minimum wage to $10.10, but it has been an issue overshadowed by healthcare and the sluggish economy.

The protesting workers are currently asking for $15 per hour to be the new minimum wage. Which is obviously a tactic to obtain the highest possible increase because the reality is an increase that dramatic would hurt the economy. By more than doubling the current minimum wage, many small businesses would be forced to cut their workforces or worse… shut their doors. As this would happen, more and more people across the nation would apply for unemployment and other government subsidies. Adding more stress to the already weakened economy.

Hog & Rooster does believe the federal minimum wage will raise about $2, maybe more, before President Obama leaves office. But not because of this particular labor strike but more because the country seems to believe it is time. There has been no increase to minimum wage since 2009. Already 13 states have passed laws to increase their minimum wages in the past year. With this type of momentum behind the minimum wage law increasing, it is a matter of time before congress is forced to act.

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