What the Food?!? VOL 1: Lemongrass

Inspired by a recent job, we have decided to start a new section to our blog called “What the Food?!?” Many restauranteurs have asked why is it important to learn about obscure ingredients. 1) Most of the time obscure ingredients are cheaper and you can receive great margins off of them. 2) You will be able to offer an experience that a guest can not receive anywhere else. 3) Although it happens rarely, if a supply is trying to get one over on you, information is your best defense. Informing you of these underutilized ingredients is the idea behind these posts.

Lemongrass is a hard woody herb. Whenever utilizing this ingredient, it is important to use a sharp knife and cut the lemongrass into extremely thin pieces due to its hard texture it can be quite a pain if a customer has to chew a piece of it.

Traditional uses:
soups, curries, and marinades (adding liquid to it helps soften the hard herb). Can be added while sweating aromatics for a stew, soup, or sauce.

The flavor:
subtle fresh lemon and green herb.

Innovative use:
Lemongrass syrup used as a sweetener in a light gin cocktail.

Where it comes from:
Most of it comes from Southeast Asia, but there are a few domestic producers of lemongrass in the states.

Year round

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What the Food?!? VOL 1: Lemongrass
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