Hog and Rooster Hospitality is a full service hospitality consulting group, specializing in the beverage, food service, hotel, and grocery retail industries. We assess inefficiencies in front and back of house operations and redevelop a more profitable model without an immense capital expenditure.

The company name is a combination of two classic symbols. The hog is the symbol for good and plentiful eating; the rooster is the symbol for excellent hospitality and service. We promote and execute both.

Hog and Rooster has positioned itself as the most competitively priced hospitality consulting group in New York City. In order to highlight this, we do what no other consulting group does; we post our prices. Please explore our services page for details.



Hog and Rooster Hospitality is the brainchild of restaurant expert Alex Tobias. Since childhood Alex seemed destined for the kitchen. Working his way through college as a professional cook. He sharpened his business skills at Lehigh University, and then graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He has worked across the United States including Arizona, Pennsylvania and New York for companies including Alain Ducasse Enterprise and JW Marriott Hotels.